[LMB] Sharing Knife - Book 1

Gwynne Powell gwynnepowell at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 24 11:39:12 GMT 2019

So, Beguilement ends with the wedding. Which is where a good romance
would end, they get married, happy ever after, ah how lovely.

But in this case, it's just the beginning.

This isn't a romance. It has romance in it, but that's not what the book
is for. It's a totally different genre. The story uses romance because it's
necessary to bring these two characters together; Dag needs Fawn as
the catalyst for his change.

Lois has romantic plots in many of her books, but that's because she
writes about life. There's plenty of matching-up in the Vorkosiverse,
but that's mostly because it's a feudal society, and breeding is part
of the culture. Yes, it's part of any culture, but you don't generally get
civil wars if Cousin Neville doesn't make some little nevilles. Gregor
has to marry, and breed. The dangers to the empire if he fails are
serious. (The dangers to Ivan even more so, from Ivan's POV at least.)

On a smaller scale (sorry) Miles also has to get busy, or the line dies
with him. (And again, Ivan is probably the one stuck with a job he
doesn't want.)

Cordelia and Aral get together, and it changes worlds. And it gives
Cordelia the chance to subtly influence the rate of change on
Barrayar - not nearly as fast as she'd like, but really breath-takingly
fast from a social POV.

In the SK series, the main action starts where most romances would stop.

So, the first book ends with the wedding, reasonable acceptance from
Farmer society (hornet-assisted in a few cases. I hope hornet stings
take a long time to heal. Are they like wasps?)

And off go our loving couple to do some loving coupling and then to
meet the rest of the in-laws. What could possibly go wrong?

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