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John Lennard john.c.lennard at gmail.com
Thu Jan 24 12:48:38 GMT 2019

Pouncer: The new novella, _Knife Children_?
If we divide the number of CHILDREN observed,
named, discussed, and important to the works in
TSK/LOTR? (Owlet, Hawthorne, the kids chunkin plunkins
and the wished for little gleaners on the Blue Farm,
lockjaw boy whose name escapes me, the mouthy kid
at the farm where Fawn recovered, the victims at
Raintree who MIGHT have been the first witnesses...)
to any children portrayed in LOTR (the audience
for Gandalf's fireworks at the Birthday Party)?
the resulting quotient might begin to ?require scientific
notation. (Okay, I exaggerate but if the product of the number
of characters, times the number of names, times the number
of mentions -- etc, for each is plugged into the ratio...? well
, still.? There's a significant numerically observable difference. )

This bears cogitation ...

John: Yes it does. Nice one. On a first pass I'm happy to agree that the
consistent presence of children in TSK is a part of the, mmm, rebuke to but
also corrective re-vision of LR, and it goes with Fawn's domesticity and
the presences of work by women and biology. But there is at least one major
complication -- Pippin.

He is during the events of LR, IIRC, 29, and so by both hobbit custom and
Shire law, not of age ; a tween, and seen as such when being a fool of a
Took, as with dropping a stone down the shaft in Moria and nabbing the
Palantir. But he also connects with what I think is the only child
encountered, Beregond's son in Minas Tirith during the siege.

A second angle is that while the children involved are grown, the
immortality of the First Born makes for fathers still being about, most
obviously Elrond.

But yes, children in TSK, notably including the unborn ; and care for
children, in re: Hod. And that certainly extends to Remo's ... I hesitate
to say 'love child' ... 'lust child', maybe ; or given persuasion, rape

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