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>[LMB] Sharing Knife - more stray thoughts
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> >How much does height affect the way people treat us? Fawn blames
> >her height for most of her problems, she believes people wouldn't
> >patronise or underestimate her if she was taller.
>Research has demonstrated that we (consciously or otherwise) see taller
>people as more successful, more authoritative, healthier, and richer
>that we would otherwise.  It seems to be innate.
>LMB:  I think it is innate as well, but I'd put its roots in the 
>child-adult gradient, which has knock-on effects to the female-male and 
>everybody-everybody.  I am dead cert (having once owned toddlers who 
>followed me _everywhere_, considering a trip to the bathroom or any 
>closed door between us a threat of abandonment -- worse than cats) it is 
>hardwired in at the earliest possible level of kids attaching to their 
>caretakers, most usually first their mothers.  The Tall Person is the 
>one with the power and knowledge to deal with the world, that we do not 
>have, and who will take care of us if we work it right.

It's creepy how young they start to *consciously* manipulate us, too. :)
There are no normal people--only people you don't know very much about.
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