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To quote from “Barrayar”

In an Eastern Coastal District belonging to one of Vordarian’s allies, the count suicided upon capture. An anti-Vor group declared an independent republic in the chaos. The new count, an infantry colonel from a collateral family line who had never anticipated such honours falling upon him took instant and effective exception to this violent swing to the over-progressive. Vorkosigan left it to him and his District militia, reserving Imperial troops for “non-District-internal matters.”

The existence of a District militia is somewhat interesting, isn’t it?

>>> This is indeed what the text of _Barrayar_ says, but it seems impossible unless Aral had a quorum of the CoC all ready.
>>> Ideas?
>> Sharon>
>> I think this one, wasn’t he a colonel in the Imperial Service, had the 
>> advantage of being the man on the spot. It was more a question of take 
>> the action now and sort it all out afterwards. Barrayar seems to favour 
>> the man on the spot.
> How would that protect him against accusations of violations of Vorloupulous' law?
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