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 I was thinking of Byerly's children as examples of a line that is _linked_ to a Vor family, but is no longer 'Vor". If Richar got his wish, and iced all existing Vorrutyers, then Byerly's kids would be a natural choice to restart the line, as they have a direct link to the 'old' Vorrutyers.
I was thinking that Tsipis, and many of the staff who run District Vorkosigan, have a family link to the Vorkosigans, making them all members of 'Clan Kosigan', tho not of 'House' Vorkosigan.

Since 'Vor;-ishness is tightly tied to decent, and anything farther from a Count than Grandchild removes the right to use the prefix, I bet that there are many +Kosigans, Rutyers, Halas, or Volks around, everyone knows they're associated to the Vor-name family, but have no extra 'Umph' in their social circumstances.
(They might get Winterfair cards, or such - a ten mark note on a birthday, or first permanent tooth?)

   (well, i'm writing a story where that's a needed plot point, it seem logical, and very useful.)

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I suspect the Counts in Council will insist that THEY and they alone will choose a new Count/Heir if needed; as a limit on the Emperor's powers.?
The Emperor can suggest, provide a list, but the final choice will be the Council of Counts.

Gwynne: That's what I think Gregor should avoid: a long fight in the CoC is
so destabilising, and would leave a District without a Count for quite some
time. (And either the whole place will run off the rails, making a huge mess
for the new Count to deal with, or they'll find that they don't really need a
Count at all. Problems either way.) It would also mean the new Count owed
favours to some people, had feuds with others, and there's disappointed
contenders circling. Having a clear Heir named and ready would avoid all that.

I also suspect that every House has an accompanying 'Cadet' family line associated, maybe made of second cousins who are to far from the current Counts line to be Vor, but are related. Think any kids that Byerly Vorrutyer might have; one generation to far from a Count to use 'Vor', but still associated with the family.

Gwynne: Vor is Vor, you are or you aren't. Women can marry in or out, but
the line of inheritance follows males, and it doesn't matter how poor or rural
you are, you're Vor or not. High Vor is different, of course: By is a Count's
grandson, he's just clinging to the edges of High Vor-ness. If he'd moved
away from the capital he'd slip out of High Vor status.

I'm sure that even the cadet branches know exactly how many steps each
person is from the title. Generally in societies with hereditary titles,
genealogy is a popular hobby for fun and profit. After Vordarian's little
effort, at least one title skipped to the side and descended on a member
of a cadet branch who'd never expected to inherit; the process seems to
have moved very quickly and the new Count was sorting things out soon
after the uprising ended.

If a family has to be reconstituted, I suspect the CoC would choose from one of those lines of decent.
Those associated lines would be ideal to form the local District Government, maintaining the Families relationship with the population, but not limiting the main lines' perogatives.
Tsipis may be Aral's third cousin once removed!

Gwynne: Tsipis might be some kind of relative, but it'd be on the wrong
side of the blanket and never acknowledged officially. And while Counts
Choice can decide the heir, it has to be confirmed by the CoC. Aral had to
work hard to get Miles accepted; I don't think it'd be easy for a prole by-blow
to get over the line. (Yes they had a horse once but that was in a long-ago,
more tumultuous time. And it was related to a family dispute, so the CoC
at the time probably just stepped back to let them sort it out. I doubt that
the horse would have been allowed to actually inherit, he could never give
the oath properly. Mind you, he probably had better manners than most of
the Counts at the time.)
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