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Sun Jan 27 03:39:23 GMT 2019

Sharon quotes: 
>In an Eastern Coastal District belonging to one of 
>Vordarians allies, the count suicided upon capture. An 
>anti-Vor group declared an independent republic in the 
>chaos. The new count, an infantry colonel from a collateral 
>family line who had never anticipated such honours falling 
>upon him took instant and effective exception to this 
>violent swing to the over-progressive. Vorkosigan left 
>it to him and his District militia, reserving Imperial 
>troops for "non-District-internal matters."
>The existence of a District militia is somewhat interesting, 
>isnt it?
That whole passage is uncharacteristically confused. 
"Reserving Imperial troops for matters other than those 
internal to a district," please.  Hyphenation only gets us 
so far.
Similarly, "to him and his District militia"   MIGHT mean 
that the person described as an "infantry colonel" already 
had command of that militia, making it "his".  As is, "his 
militia".  Or it might be that the colonel had to resign from 
among Aral's "imperial troops" to impose himself upon the 
militia for the district that had just "fallen" to him.  "His 
District", which had a militia, which the "infantry colonel" 
just recently of IMPERIAL forces now claims as "his" own.  
I don't agree with the implication that a district's 
"militia" counts against any Count's quota of "Armsmen".  An 
Armsman is full time in the Count's service, while I 
understand a militia to be a part time duty for any able 
bodied citizen; comparing to serving on a jury, or a posse, 
or a volunteer fire department. A district without some kind 
of organized way of raising and commanding a large group is 
the poorer for the omission. 
That the great nephew, or whatever, of the old count found 
himself under a falling great weight, er, honor might suggest 
that the Regent or -- as was suggested -- an emergency quorum 
of the Council of Counts did choose him. This sort of thing, 
in my own military experience, happened all the time.  "Hey 
you, I see your hand up! (Who, me?) Yeah, you. You just been 
volun-told. Go fix that problem!"   But it could just as 
easily have gone the other way.  The Imperial colonel, taking 
emergency charge of the local militia, quelling a chaotic 
situation, and LATER discovered to be (among several)  
relatively High Vor collatoral relatives of the traitor, 
might be retroactively confirmed to be THE relative eligible 
to become the new count. 
That the passage can be interpreted so many ways may be 
feature, rather than a bug,  I suppose. 

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