[LMB] Sharing Knife: Legacy... Lakewalker mentality

Gwynne Powell gwynnepowell at hotmail.com
Sun Jan 27 09:44:13 GMT 2019

There's one other interesting point about the Fawn - Dar meeting.

When I stopped being cheesed off with Dar and calmed down, it's very clear.
That scene is the perfect example of Fawn vs Lakewalker mentality.

Dar is all about 'This is what we do. It works. It's what we've always done.'

And Fawn is 'How about this... would it work with this....'

Dar uses it as a chance to make another insult; the technique only works with
Lakewalker bones. Farmers and animals aren't good enough - and to him are
pretty much the same.

But there's no proof, ever, that that is true. The Lakewalkers do what works. But
they don't experiment - and to do them justice, it's not an easy situation to
try new things. Someone like Dag could carry an extra knife, primed with
a Farmer death, and use it on a sessile malice, to see what happened. The risk
would be small, and he'd have another Lakewalker-primed knife ready.

But Lakewalkers don't change their system. They don't question. The reason
Dag is drawn to Fawn is that she is always asking questions, and then going
one step more. 'What would happen if...' She did it with Fairbolt and the
patroller pegs - and it was a fair question. Fawn breaks through that frozen
Lakewalker set of customs. She makes him question, and think. He needs
her a lot more than she needs him, but nobody seems to notice that.

To return to my original point; Lakewalker society is fairly static. They do what
works, and they don't have the resources or safety to question much. But times
are changing, Farmers are colonising more of Lakewalker territory, and they
need to find a new way to deal with their world.

Dag knows this, in a cloudy way, and Fawn sparks his ideas. She's a wonderful

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