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Sun Jan 27 11:26:32 GMT 2019

From: Richard Molpus <rgmolpus at flash.net>

 I was thinking of Byerly's children as examples of a line that is _linked_ to a Vor family, but is no longer 'Vor". If Richar got his wish, and iced all existing Vorrutyers, then Byerly's kids would be a natural choice to restart the line, as they have a direct link to the 'old' Vorrutyers.
I was thinking that Tsipis, and many of the staff who run District Vorkosigan, have a family link to the Vorkosigans, making them all members of 'Clan Kosigan', tho not of 'House' Vorkosigan.

Gwynne: Byerly's children would be Vor. His male-line descendants would be Vor
for all foreseeable generations. Any Vor male who is legally married will pass the
Vor prefix to all of his children. And on through the generations. It doesn't extinguish.

The 'Lord' title runs out in a generation. By's father, Richars, Ges, Aral's wife and
Pierre were all children of a Count. Pierre would have been Lord Vorrutyer before
he inherited the title, his siblings would have been Lord or Lady firstname. Their
children wouldn't have any title, they'd just be plain Vorrutyers (as plain as any
Vorrutyers get, anyway.) Only the children of the Count get the courtesy titles.

There are High Vor, Rural Vor, Old Vor, middle-class ordinary Vor, and just Vor.
Many of them are families that aren't connected to a Count at all (like the
Vorssoissons). Many others are from cadet lines of the family who are generations
and many cousinhoods away from the Count (Jole's aide is a Vorinnis but she's
only met the Count a couple of times.) Most of them have no titles; Vor is in
itself the title.

(Ivan is a totally different case, his title is an Imperial one, because of his
direct descent from an Emperor. According to a passing reference... somewhere
.... there's a few odds and sods with such titles that are hereditary and link back
to previous Emperors. Ivan is the eldest son of an eldest son of a princess, who was
the granddaughter of an Emperor. He carries that title from his father, it'll pass to
his eldest son. None of his other children will be anything more than Vor.  Aral
and Miles don't carry similar titles because it's covered by the Countship. The title
might be automatic, or it could have been granted specially by Dorca or Yuri.)

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