[LMB] Lakewalker mentality

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Mon Jan 28 00:51:10 GMT 2019

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Some snippage for brevity

Gwynne says:
>Dar is all about 'This is what we do. It works. It's what we've
>always done.' And Fawn is 'How about this... would it work with

To do Dar justice, the whole idea of proof, truth and justice is
different in a culture and society in which it's so difficult to
lie, and in which certain kinds of evidence are unavailable to
certain interested parties.

Gwynne: I'm not sure that's right in this case: either something
kills a malice or it doesn't. The evidence would be pretty conclusive.

Gwynne again:
>Someone like Dag could carry an extra knife, primed with a Farmer

Oh yeah, and getting a Camp Captain to think past the repercussions
of getting that volunteer are how likely?

Gwynne: Ask the survivors at Greenspring. If you explain things to
them, I'm sure that at least one would offer to share when his time
comes. And in a few cases I'd be surprised if they live long, with such
massive loss some people would choose to end their lives rather than
try to go on.

Gwynne: > and use it on a sessile malice, to see what happened. The risk
> would be small, and he'd have another Lakewalker-primed knife
> ready.

Finding a malice still in first molt seems to be a rare and ideal
case. Most likely found by those with exceptionally long range
ground sense, like Dag, when an inconspicuous malice is far from
the beaten tracks.?

Gwynne: Exactly, I was thinking of Dag, or some other Lakewalker
with long range, travelling over some distance from camp to camp.
Dag found several sessiles, he could have tried a Farmer knife on
one before he used the Lakewalker knife, just to see what worked.

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