[LMB] Ruthlessly Luthlian tactic now gs range issue

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Mon Jan 28 01:30:07 GMT 2019

Please, it's been frustrating waiting.

On Sun, Jan 27, 2019 at 6:58 PM Lois Bujold <lbujold at myinfmail.com> wrote:

> Not a spoilery response, so I stripped out everything interestingly
> Pouncery to which I refer you all sideways, but replies might go that
> way, which I will leave up to the interested parties.
> Another general factor to point out in the economics of Lakewalker
> patrolling is that a patroller with a long groundsense can replace two
> or even three with shorter ranges: thus requiring, from his tent and
> camp, one-half or some fraction of the resources to put him/her in the
> field for the same coverage result.  (One can cut that calculation
> various ways.)  So, lots of motivation to breed for or otherwise develop
> such long ranges among folks.
> (No claims about how strong shielding, equally important, or maker
> abilities might either augment or compete with such development, whether
> tied-to or independent variables or some mix, genetically speaking.)
> There's a whole 'nother meta discussion to be had about authorial
> selection of how magic power will work, and be distributed, in any given
> creation.   Innate or acquired?  Genetic/by bloodline or not?  Chosen
> Few (or One) or something more democratic?  WGW is by bloodline, 5GU is
> acquired, ferex, with social knock-on effects either way.
> Ta, L.
> And, list etiquette note, epub does change the parameters of spoiler
> issues.  Although I point out that iBooks still don't seem to have their
> edition up yet, although it was turned in at the same time as Nook's.
> No idea what's holding up that parade although if it doesn't appear by
> tomorrow I will go prod.
> --
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