[LMB] Lakewalker mentality

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Mon Jan 28 03:20:43 GMT 2019

>How did they learn about killing knifes?
>I'd guess it was from killing the original Mage. The 
>original magic-user Lords worked out how to kill it,
     Now me, I supposed the original malice-killers used
a FRESH death.  A patroller had to (maybe) stab the malice,
mix blood and ground from his own wounds into the malice-
mess, and arrange his own heart's death, all at the same 
time. Teach the malice about death. Dying, though, at that 
point, might be the least of the problem.  (Like, sending a 
5GU demon to hell by giving it to someone already going
that direction. )  The malice wound, in such an scenario, 
need not be caused by bone. (Though with the arrows and 
crossbow bolts being "recycled" in and out of the first 
Trace malice, it's a bit hard to see what sort of "wound" 
might be involved. ) Anyhow, dying right on the spot might 
have worked, but be a forgotten technique. 
      The idea of PRESERVING a death, canning or freezing 
or drying it -- for later use -- probably came later.  And 
the techniques for doing so took some experimenting. This, 
back in a time and place when the mentality was more 
appreciative of such risks. Quite a convenience: choosing 
when to die, dying quickly and cleanly, and making such a 
death "work" more reliably than in the mess and muddle of a 

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