[LMB] Sharing Knife: More of Legacy

Gwynne Powell gwynnepowell at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 28 12:25:30 GMT 2019

Finally: Cumbia. She's just as welcoming as Dag predicted. And
obviously gearing up for the Big Fight.

And Dag just walks out, which certainly stops the fight, but isn't
all that helpful at getting Fawn into his family.

Cumbia's reaction is actually a bit unexpected; she's ready to rip
into him, but doesn't want him stuck out in the storm. When you
look at some of the Cumbia scenes, and compare them with Dar
scenes, you start to wonder if Cumbia is the worst one.

Cumbia wants him home, toeing the line. Dar seems to want him
punished and humiliated, and then either gone or reduced. There's
a determined nastiness about Dar; he doesn't express sympathy
for losing the baby, and he's the only one who asked how she got
pregnant, implying something nasty (and he knows enough about
farmers to know when he's being insulting.)

Their first night in the Lakewalker camp.... not really one for the album.
The storm, the bones, the lack of any plan... Fawn really is heroic. And

Then Mari's camp, full of life and happiness, such a contrast. Familiar
faces for Fawn, friendly ones (well anyone would look good after Dar).

At least they get a tent - an actual tent, not a cabin, but it's a start.

Fern knows to acknowledge the women as the ones in charge, she
learns fast. She also copes well with naked Lakewalkers. Mari's daughter,
husband and kids are usually there as well; this is busy, happy, full
of children, so positive - and so different to the three-person cold
quiet camp of Cumbia and Dar, with Omba taking refuge with her horses.

Fawn has an great list of things she can do. Unfortunately swimming
isn't one of them.

Dag starts exploring his new hand, but he's terrified that it's some kind
of malice magic. Hoharie, the medic, is delighted at finding something
new to research, and drops the first hints that Dag could be a maker.
He failed that test forty years ago, but then he didn't want to pass.

What is it like in camp for the kids being tested? Is there heartbreak if
you don't get the rating you want? What happens if you show as a maker
and want to be a patroller, or vice versa? And what if you don't make it
as either? Some Lakewalkers have very little reach in their groundsense.
I wonder if they're even more against Fawn - after all, they must really
want to emphasise that there's a line between Us and Them.

Shopping in the Stores is fun - Dag has to send the bride-gifts to Fawn's
family (I love the ghastly mud-wolf he's sending the twins). And there's
an alligator skin. (Just ponder, for a moment, a malice emerging where
there's alligators. Wolves and bats were bad, alligators....? Ohh dear.)

I'd love to have seen their faces when all those gifts arrived at the farm.

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