[LMB] What's out there?

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Mon Jan 28 16:08:49 GMT 2019

>We're told that malices can't come up in water, so I can't 
>see them doing damage to the ocean floor. And if those 
>boats can go out fishing, why can't a boat sail along the 
     A whole 'nother bunch of continents, where Men of the 
West like Gondor and Rohan (but not the Black Númenóreans) 
rub up against the Easterlings and Southrons  (chariot 
driving Rhuin and Haradwaith, who sometimes rode combat 
elephants). There used to be men and Kingdoms of the North, 
but not so much in the Third Age.
     Oh, wait,  TSK, not LOTR.  Sorry, my bad. 
     Although, if it helps,  we might suppose that LOTR is 
happening at roughly the same time as the TSK. Only LOTR is 
in an analogous or allegorical match to Europe, Asia and 
Africa while TSK is in a match to North America.  Whatever 
gods there may be or have been in such a world, they are 
more worried, at those moments, about Middle Earth, and are 
allowing the WGW its, er, independence. In this amusing 
concept, there are a few European Elves boating over (from 
their view) the Western Ocean every once in awhile. Probably 
sneaking in and assimilating among the tall Lakewalkers ...
They are welcome, because they make REALLY GOOD ROPE, 
among other things. 
    The sinking of the oceanic Island of Numenor probably 
happened at around the same time as the destruction of the 
WGW's cities around their Lakes.  Rising water levels, 
climate change, all that. Horror, Fantasy, Cautionary Tales, 
there's a reason for scary stories, and not always the
reasonable reason. 
     [Pouncer is obviously enjoying John Lennard's 
proposition about LOTR and TSK a LONG WAY too much ...) 

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