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Mon Jan 28 16:39:15 GMT 2019

On Sat, January 26, 2019 7:43 pm, Gwynne Powell wrote:
> From: "Richard G. Molpus" <rgmolpus at flash.net>
> I suspect the Counts in Council will insist that THEY and they alone will
> choose a new Count/Heir if needed; as a limit on the Emperor's powers.?
> The Emperor can suggest, provide a list, but the final choice will be the
> Council of Counts.

Yeah.  I can see all the Counts uniting to prevent the Emperor from
choosing their heirs - there's probably a civil war or two somewhere in
the Bloody Centuries where this was the issue at hand.  (And even Count
Vorbarra might want to be careful about who gets to choose HIS heir, too.)

> Gwynne: That's what I think Gregor should avoid: a long fight in the CoC
> is so destabilising, and would leave a District without a Count for quite
> some time. (And either the whole place will run off the rails, making a
> huge mess for the new Count to deal with, or they'll find that they don't
> really need a Count at all. Problems either way.) It would also mean the
> new Count owed favours to some people, had feuds with others, and there's
> disappointed contenders circling. Having a clear Heir named and ready
> would avoid all that.

The impression I got from _Barrayar_ was that the new Count in that
particular episode was next in line after the rebellion killed off the
ruling Count and his family -- he just hadn't expected to ever become
Count because there were too many people ahead of him.

Of course, given that Barrayar has six competing succession theories, it's
possible that he was heir according to some theories but not all, and
seized his moment as the man-on-the-spot-with-the-troops to establish
which of those theories applied in that particular District.  Not really
enough detail to tell.

Tony Z

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