[LMB] TSK: Dar then Fawn, omnibus reply

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Wed Jan 30 02:19:46 GMT 2019

From: <pouncer at aol.com>

Some snippage here and there (it's a long discussion, sorry.)
???? Did Dar win his dispute about Dag's camp credits when
Dag failed to show up for the camp "appeal" hearing at the
winter site?? Or did anyone manage to secure, on Dag's
behalf, some sort of postponement??

Gwynne: I think Dag's camp credit is just being held until the case is
resumed. It would suit them to just keep his stuff and not pay it out,
it adds to general camp wealth. And with Dag's record for staying away
for months, even years, at a time, it'd take quite a while for anyone to
 question if he was coming back or not.

pouncer: ....... there may be interest plot
bunnies for Dag and Dar to face off, once again on their
old dispute, in round two.

Gwynne: Ohhhh I'd love to see it.

pouncer: ????? If anyone from Camp Hickory Lake is ordered to Clear
Creek to learn to construct ground-sheilding walnuts,
wouldn't it be Dar?

Gwynne: I think it'd be one of the younger makers, partly because
they'd be more open to learning, and better able to cope with the
 travel. And partly because nobody in their right mind would even
 ASK Dar to go and learn something from Dag.

pouncer: Dar would gripe that Dag had it
wrong from the very git-go. Sufficiently stung, challenged,
threatened and inspired, it's likely to be Dar, rather than
Dag, who makes the most serious improvements to the
original prototype.

Gwynne: I don't think Dar would touch it, simply because Dag started it.
And because it benefits farmers. Dar seems to have scorn and even
hatred for farmers, even without the problem of Fawn. I doubt he'd do
 anything designed to help them.

pouncer: (Though if Arkady is in camp and the
two of them are in competition, the WGW had better look

Gwynne: I'd love to see the scene where Arkady and Sumac visit back at
camp, and the extreme pressure Cumbia would bring on them to stay. Of
course it's All Dag's Fault that Cumbia's tent heiress is living somewhere else.

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