[LMB] Sharing Knife: Cumbia again

Gwynne Powell gwynnepowell at hotmail.com
Wed Jan 30 12:40:27 GMT 2019

Still assembling comments on the Raintree malice episode, but that
scene between Fawn and Cumbia is so nasty. Cumbia can read Fawn's
ground, she knows Fawn is being honest, hopeful, and so many other
positive emotions. She could have handled it so differently, given her
a kinder warning, 'it's not you it's us' and so on. Instead she chooses
to be as vicious as she can, for her own satisfaction. This is a really
unhappy woman, she hates patrollers and she hates all the people in
her family who found a way to escape from her.

Going back a bit, even Dar commented that some people are enjoying
the Dag-Fawn episode because Cumbia is so arrogant and this has
knocked her down a peg or two. Even other Lakewalkers find her to be
arrogant, cold, proud, and unpleasant. She has some cronies, but she's
not well liked, it seems. Dar is respected as a knifemaker... but mostly from
a distance.

After that moment when Cumbia came to see Dag leave, there was some
hope that she wasn't so bad after all. But any vulnerability is buried so
deeply, and there's so much nastier stuff above it, that it's hard to find
anything good to say for her.

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