[LMB] Sharing Knife: The Raintree malice

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Wed Jan 30 18:03:34 GMT 2019

Gwynne asks, of the Raintree malice: 
>Just what was it trying to do? A tower... drawing in 
>ground... how much more was it going to evolve? Is 
>there a final stage when it's finished? 
     The Glassforge malice was digging a hole.  Dag 
thinks they're (a) plain crazy and (2) susceptible to 
the goals of the first sentient mind they rip. So the 
new town of Greenspring was, er, springing up new 
buildings right and left, and like all such places 
adding on additions, gables, clerstory windows, entire 
second and third story structures, all to get more work-
and=living space into the best locations. And children 
playing in such an environment mirror adult desires and 
behaviors and build their own lego or jenga or lincoln 
log towers ... So, most likely, there would be no "final 
stage" to the malice's effort. 
     Compare, say, Barad-dûr.   
     Gwynee again: 
>     [Dar is] vicious. And being able to read her 
>ground, knowing how she's feeling, makes it all so much 
>worse. (And he tells her she's beguiled by Dag - 
>couldn't a Lakewalker tell?)
     Given Dag's discovery of how beguilement does work -- 
with imbalanced ground between the Lakewalker and the 
beguiled--  Dar may be partly correct. The novel and 
unfamiliar implant of Dag's ground into Fawn's arm via 
the wedding cord no doubt LOOKS like "the wrong amount 
in the wrong place."  I also enjoy private head-canon 
that this particular making and sharing is not following 
blood into the marriage cord -- but instead works with 
and upon Dag's live ground in the exising cord AND with 
Dag's ground in the still-living sperm he'd previously, 
uhm,  deposited within his wife. I infer this from the 
direction-seeking feature ... 
>     Hoharie is ... surprised it can function over a 
>hundred miles or so. [And] is getting interested.
     Were the technique to offer general utility, and 
(as Fawn had previously suggested) could be linked to 
Fairbolts peg-map, it would be VERY interesting.  That 
the camp doesn't take it up experiments shows the lack 
of experimental-attitude we've already discussed, and 
perhaps how personal and intimate that making was. It's 
still a mystery why Dag didn't repeat or renew the 
working for other occasions and risks -- like falling 
off a boat and being washed some ways away. I also 
could entertain the idea that he DID.  After being 
carried away by giant bats off the Trace, Dag had
no more trouble sensing Fawn's direction, as well as 
life, than Fawn had his, earlier.  During the Raintree
campaing, Dag was too busy to notice, and afterwards,
well, there are discussions they might not have 
opened up about to Barr, Remo, etc. 

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