[LMB] Sharing Knife: The Raintree malice

Robert Woodward robertaw at drizzle.com
Wed Jan 30 18:23:19 GMT 2019

> On Jan 30, 2019, at 7:36 AM, Gwynne Powell <gwynnepowell at hotmail.com> wrote:
> The trapped makers are unsettling, and Dag makes the tough, correct,
> painful decision to leave them. Being the boss is no fun.
> And we finally get to the malice kill. It's the most advanced that Dag has
> ever seen, beautiful. And looking a lot like a Lakewalker. Dag nearly gets
> groundripped when he rips the malice to save Utau. And then he mind-
> melds with the malice. (That was AWESOME!)  Also unsettling. Just how
> much affinity is there between malices and Lakewalkers?

> Meanwhile, Dag manages to get himself trapped. And the malice blight
> is growing in his ground. He's now in a race to see what'll kill him first, the
> blight or the groundlock.
> OTOH, he's had amazing training - something no other maker has had, in
> the ways a malice works, and what can be done with ground. Heck of a
> tough school, though.

It is a tough school; it is not graded on a curve; it isn’t even Pass-Fail; it is Pass or Die.

"We have advanced to new and surprising levels of bafflement."
Imperial Auditor Miles Vorkosigan describes progress in _Komarr_.
Robert Woodward robertaw at drizzle.com

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