[LMB] Conestoga Wagons, marketing, sequels or continuations

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Thu Jan 31 17:04:10 GMT 2019

     I miss out entirely on some discussions, some months, 
so I'm thrilled to enjoy some time, now, to consider the latest 
in the WGW. If I over-do it, I beg you  consider it all part of my
 long-term average. 
When TSK:4 was new and fresh, did anyone ever comment upon 
the color scheme of Calla and Sage's wagon?
"New painted green with fine curling yellow stripes"
John Deere Green, or I'm a pirate. 
     The "arching canvas roof" too.  I've a remark from 
Her Ladyship expressing some displeasure that the 
publisher resisted putting a "wild west" Conestoga wagon 
with a happy pair of newly-weds on the cover of book aimed 
at the SF and Fantasy audience.  Makes me wonder if, once 
the rights revert, a revised cover and new marketing 
scheme might offer the TSK in other genres in special e-
edition "romance/western/fantasy" .         I noticed last night that at least one e-marketing 
platform is marketing "Knife Children" as _The Sharing 
Knife (Book 5)_. 
     I rather hope, instead this represents _Knife 
Children (Book One).  After all, the WGW has introduced 
not merely the children of the STK4 epilog.  There are 
Calla and Sage's children; Indigo (when he matures 
sufficiently -- and which of his genetic heritages will 
dominate his full maturity?) and his children; Any of the 
children of the mixed-marriages around Half Moon Cutoff in 
the far south; and most curiously, the abandoned children 
of Crane.  The contrast between Crane and Barr -- Wow! 
And for that matter, adding another very parallel 
circumstance, Crane and Barr and Indigo Axe's unnamed 
Lakewalker harness-maker father. Lots of meat on THOSE 
bones to chew on.
     So, 'Write Lois Write'.  And in encouragement of 
that, to all the friends of listies here, we must 
organize, and encourage, and 'Buy, fans, Buy!'  The meat 
on the bones of the next story only arises if the last 
story puts meat on the author's table. 

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