[LMB] Sharing Knife - Trapped

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Thu Jan 31 21:56:58 GMT 2019

On Thu, Jan 31, 2019 at 5:05 AM Gwynne Powell <gwynnepowell at hotmail.com>

> .... Of course Othan doesn't leave camp much,
> and this is his big moment, the heroic ride to the battle scene to Save
> The Day.
> And then a little farmer girl does the same ride all alone. Othan doesn't
> like to
> share the glory.

Not as bad as Dag, though.
Are the lakewalkers set up to be A Better People?  Because honestly,  they
have just as much nastiness as the farmers.

>  .... And she sits down and puzzles it out. And she has a primed knife.
> She checks the
> logic, prepares everything (I love what she chooses for the dressing.) And
> she
> stabs him - very efficiently.
Yes, also love the dressing ;)   And later, Othan's "Do you know what she
used?????"  and Maries long, slow look.

> Othan is determined to give her no credit. In fact, although everyone's
> pleased,
> nobody says thankyou. Just like, later, the villagers at Greenspring don't
> thank
> the Lakewalkers for killing the malice.
Dag offers to get off his high horse and talk to the farmers.  No one is
talking to Fawn.  Poor lonely girl.

So, crossing threads, how many disappointments would it take for Fawn to
become as bitter as Cumbia? Fawn doesn't start from a lofty place of 'my
life is perfect and i am perfect and it will all continue to be perfect',
but Stupid Sunny was bad, and the semi-shunning is worse, for going on so

There's more semi-shunning at Arkady's place, even if it is not cruel in
intent.  And Dag doesn't realize, until there is another lady-person who
will talk to Fawn and she just blossoms with the company.


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