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eed to trade, bargain, or find out who's who, you don't want to be told "Yo=
u need Dag - he'll be back in three months." You'll want to be told '"Looki=
ng for a horse? Go see Omba; she's our horsemistress."

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> It may be why inheritance is matriarchal. That way, no question of who is
> eligible to inherit the tent.
> Gwynne: Matriarchal inheritance is so much simpler. It's far easier to be=
> of who is in line to inherit. Once you go patriarchal you have to find a =
way to
> guarantee that a particular male fathered the child, which means you have=
> control the sexuality of women.

That wouldn=92t be a problem for the Lakewalkers since it appears they can =
tell who the father was. I suspect that they are matriarchal for some histo=
rical (and probably forgotten) reason.

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