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Wed Jan 30 12:40:41 GMT 2019

And if Dexter Morgan met Learned Penric...would the Dark Passenger and
Desdemona recognize each other?=C2=A0 It'd be funny if they had a history

DP:=C2=A0 "THERE you are!=C2=A0 You hussy!=C2=A0 You stood me up!=C2=A0 You=
 left me at the
altar and BROKE MY HEART!"

Des:=C2=A0 "I only did that because of what I caught you doing with that...=
SLUT who went on to possess Learned Edric!"

And off they go, hammer and tongs and not a clean word in it, while Dexter
and Penric are vainly trying to calm them down...

Micki: Well, that does bring up an interesting question. Do demons even=C2=
socialize? I seem to remember in one of the books a demon recognizing=C2=A0
another demon, and they both seemed to be hissing, spitting mad and very=C2=

And, Desdemona is very female because of the nature of her riders through=
the ages, and it's easy to imagine a very male demon. But what would=C2=A0
happen to a demon who alternates/cycles through the genders with every=C2=
new life?=C2=A0

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