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Given that a lot of Scots .moved to Russia about the time of Peter the Great, and some settled ( there are Kamerons there still), I suspect the Vormuirs are as likely Russian as British.  Though depending on the territory, kilts might work too.

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I know there's a Vormuir, so some of those English settlers were probably
British, and included some Scots (there's Scots everywhere.) And we know
that many districts retain a lot of their founders' culture - there's Greekie
hicks Districts, and French Districts, and a lot that are predominantly
Russian or English.

So right now one of my fondest mental images is of one District that had a
founding Count who had Scottish heritage. So... his House uniform, and the
uniforms of his armsmen..... KILTS!!!!!

There has to be ONE District that proudly wears the kilt, at least for formal

Barrayar AND kilts..... *happy sigh*

(Yes, I'm shallow. I need happy thoughts.)
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