[LMB] Chosen God, was seal motto

Gwynne Powell gwynnepowell at hotmail.com
Fri Jul 12 14:29:31 BST 2019

From: Pat Mathews <mathews55 at msn.com>

It's pretty clear that being fatherly will get you in with the Father, as will being a judge. Both Ista and Cazaril had tried on, so to speak, the gods assigned to them and had later been picked up by gods that matched what they were doing. Or in Ista's case,what He wanted her to do.
Though Ista was right: in a human suitor she'd have a good case for harassment and stalking against His Fatness.

Gwynne: I think it comes down to what's in your heart. Caz will always belong to
the Daughter, he's hers to his soul.

Healers belong to the Mother, even if they're not a parent, or are fathers. Lawyers
and judges generally belong to the Father. Teachers and many scholars probably
belong to the Daughter.

But it depends on what you are, deep down; on what's the identity you give to
yourself. Ista will go to the Bastard, not the one you'd have picked for her, at
least at first.

And I'm not sure it matters, in the end. Do souls meet each other on the other side
of the door? One god ushers them through, but they probably still find each other
when they get there, no matter who belongs where. Deep theology there, most
people are just concerned with getting through the door.

One thing that's clear: the gods will go to enormous trouble to save every soul
that they can. (And is it my imagination, or was the Daughter, when guiding Caz
on his path, a lot more subtle and delicate than the Son when heading Penric
and the Shaman to the right place at the right time?)

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