[LMB] Chosen Gods

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Mon Jul 15 20:42:20 BST 2019

Gods enjoy more power to choose among mortals than
mortals to choose among gods.  The deity mortals 
personify as "The Daughter" finds Caz interesting, so much 
so that she will wrestle him away and protect him 
from both her "Brothers". It shows an eclectic attitude toward
what souls will fill the trophy case, or tool box. Or 
perhaps souls fill slot in some post-material version of
a mosaic.  Or a niche in a heavenly eco-system.  Or
bloom in celestial window's flower box.  

The 5GU maps theology onto seasons and family. But
functionally - in a universe where the gods step right into
affairs and fulfil functions on a routine basis -- the 
mapping seems to be the Farms (Mother) Army (Son)
Courts (Father) Schools (Daughter) and Cities (Bastard) 
(Is it more fair to speak of Markets, than cities?) I 
infer this at least partly from the dogs that don't bark --
or references to Roknari capitals and central trading
ports that don't seem to occur. Lots of princelings, 
few emperors.  No Bastards, no cities.   Am I over
thinking this? 

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