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Part of the problem with even the most competent, benevolent all-powerful
overlord is that he is a man.  He is mortal.  He will eventually die.  And
then you roll the iron dice to see who succeeds him.  That's part of my
problem with SM Stirling's "Chamberverse" novels (that, and I don't think
that even Teddy Roosevelt, with the bit in his teeth and Congress 100%
behind him, could have made all the changes we see as fast as they are said
to have been made.).  While TR himself is a good guy, who will come after
when he dies, to find all that power in his hands?  How long was it from
the death of Augustus Caesar to the reign of Caligula?

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> >Maybe being an overlord isn't automatically evil....?
> A benevolent (and competent) dictator is the ideal form of government.
> The trick is securing both these attributes in the same person, when so
> many lack either.
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