[LMB] AKICOTL: We need a word

Harvey Fishman fishman at panix.com
Tue Oct 1 09:15:18 BST 2019

How about "a yen"?


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>Ok, we need to invent a word. A word that describes that feeling you
>get, not quite a compulsion but definitely a nagging need, to reread
>a particular book.
>The other day, for no reason, I suddenly just had to reread The Grand
>Sophy. I don't know why, I just had the yen for that book. A few weeks
>ago I had to run through A Brother's Price again.
>It's not like searching for textev for a thread, and finding that you've
>read the whole book; Bujoldian books do that to you every time. But I
>mean the sudden random need to go through a book that you read a
>while ago, or one that you know so well...
>Ok, we need a word for that. Anyone?
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