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On 10/2/2019 9:09 AM, WalterStuartBushell wrote:
> I have been told with respect to cancer treatments after getting the 
> first advice to ask the doctor what she would do if
> it were a loved one or himself and have been told the answer is frequently different. Doctors can lose their license for
> telling people to follow advice outside “standard of care” or be sued if the result is bad.
> tinfo/lois-bujold

My oncologist and radiation oncologist had a consult to determine 
treatment, and I pushed for a harsher regimen than they started out 
with. They opined I had serious nous in pushing for going in hard and 
fast, but in my opinion like Pyotir said, it is better to get over the 
hard ground fast and light. With it showing up at stage 3, we needed to 
hit hard and fast. I didn't get as much exposure to radiation in one 
session as I did in a day of leaning against the containment dome or 
sitting over the rod pool at Ginnea 1 @_@ 5400 rad in 15 minutes for 26 
days while deliberately taking poison after 24 weeks of pouring poison 
into my veins. I am going through a more stringent 5 year period of 
testing and observation to avoid surgery to rearrange my guts.

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