[LMB] No lefties in the Nexus

Joel Polowin jpolowin at hotmail.com
Thu Oct 3 21:55:20 BST 2019

> How to you, then, explain Cordelia?s horror at the lack of disabled
> people on Barrayar? She notes the lack of float chairs (the equivalent
> of wheel chairs), of people caregiving their fully-disabled relatives
> or employers, and wonders how her son will be seen on the benighted
> planet that sees no value in people that are not able-bodied...

I explain it as people becoming disabled for reasons that are not
avoidable by gene-cleaning.  You know, *accidents*, idiosyncratic
development -- I've got a nasty one of those, spinal cord damage --
and even traits that are technically genetic but involve a weird
confluence of things that can't be (or haven't yet been) gene-mapped
well enough to avoid.

Several times, now, in this discussion, you have claimed that people
here have suggested things like sterilizing you and your family.
Nobody has said anything of the sort.  Nobody has suggested that you
should be killed.  What they are suggesting is that you and other people
with significant genetic defects would be better off if those defects
had been *corrected*, and the fetus then left to continue development.
True, the result wouldn't be "you", exactly as you are.  It would be
a different "you".

A number of times, you have personally attacked people on this mailing
list.  You have grossly exaggerated what they've said.  And you have
assumed the worst possible interpretation of their comments, even
after they've tried to clarify.

Please stop.


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