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this might be a candidate gene for improvement .. perhaps the quaddies 
are using this?

> Am 03.10.2019 um 20:04 schrieb Rurr:
> Ajit Johnson (@ajitjohnson_n) tweeted at 2:39 pm on Thu, Oct 03, 2019:
> Scientists discover a protein in tardigrades binds and forms a
> protective cloud against extreme survival threats such as radiation
> damage. DSUP (Damage suppression protein), found only in tardigrades,
> when tested in human cells, protect them from X-rays.
> https://t.co/SPnFYhOOzu https://t.co/7NQ7LQ6aVz
> (https://twitter.com/ajitjohnson_n/status/1179752876064665600?s=03)



Am 03.10.2019 um 20:58 schrieb Eric Oppen:
> I can think of some changes that would be great improvements.
> Just for starters---I was reading some really oogy stuff about scurvy, and
> about how long it took for people to figure out how to counter it.  If I
> were designing improvements for people, one thing I'd do would be to give
> us the same ability to secrete our own Vitamin C that almost all other
> animals (except bats and capybaras, for some insane reason) have.
> Getting rid of heritable bad traits, like Alzheimer's and a tendency to
> cancer, would also be IMO a Good Thing.  I've seen too many good people
> laid low by both, and seen that those things galloped through their family
> trees.  That would go double and triple for hemophilia.
> You wouldn't have to go full-haut (or full-Draka, for that matter) to be
> able to do a lot of good stuff with that sort of technology.
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