[LMB] We've been discussing gene engineering on people...

M R Dolbear fm little.egret at dolbear.fastmail.fm
Fri Oct 4 01:06:12 BST 2019

On Thu, 3 Oct 2019, at 19:58, Eric Oppen wrote:
> I can think of some changes that would be great improvements.
> Just for starters---I was reading some really oogy stuff about scurvy, and
> about how long it took for people to figure out how to counter it.  If I
> were designing improvements for people, one thing I'd do would be to give
> us the same ability to secrete our own Vitamin C that almost all other
> animals (except bats and capybaras, for some insane reason) have.


Fruit-eating bats and I assume guinea pigs eat lots of fruit?

So it's a standard bit of natural selection like blind cave fish.- if the ability is lost it doesn't reduce fitness.


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