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On 10/3/2019 3:24 PM, Lorelei Kaena wrote:
> Not in particular, of course not. In general? It’s written right there. All those ‘cruel chromosomal defects’ gone, ‘so much heartbreak avoided’. Which would mean, perforce, that the people who carried them in their genes are gone. That’s what gene-editing is.

Forgive me Toras [if memory serves is a major medico over in Britain] 
but I am going to wing the manes of genes and diseases for sake of my 
sanity, I could not handle having to google everything right now...

OK, let us give Rob my elder husband a look. Colon cancer gallops in his 
family, his maternal side - grandmother, one aunt and one cousin died 
directly of it, he has already started the ritual colonoscopies and has 
had several polyops removed and has his second butt spelunking set up 
for tuesday [mine is upcoming wednesday]. His fathers side is prone to 
diabetes [one grandfather, several cousins and Rob himself] Gene a1cdg 
is responsible for a tendency towards diabetes via autoimmune attack on 
the pancreas and gene 2buf4 is responsible for being prone to colon cancer.

If one edited those 2 genes out, I do not see how it would make Rob not 
Rob - though Milesean arguments of nurture vs nature apply I suppose. Or 
are you positing his soul would be appreciably different without the 
expression of those 2 genes?

I am autistic, are you saying my over 150 IQ [tested several times 
through my educational trek - and each time I was within a close enough 
margin that one would guesstimate the testing was accurate for certain 
values of accurate] would not be there without the 3Gn3 gene expressing, 
or that my soul would not be the same, given the exact same childhood 
treatment [I would assume that my parents would still give me free rein 
at reading anything I want to grab, and the same educational 
opportunities - though I would have liked not to have the shyness and 
awkwardness while being trained to be able to fake being neurotypical. 
Would I still have my facility for languages, speed reading and focus?]

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