[LMB] No lefties in the Nexus

Baur baur at chello.at
Fri Oct 4 13:05:04 BST 2019

that sounds like a good guideline



Am 04.10.2019 um 10:20 schrieb Gwynne Powell:
> A possible answer to the 'How much do we twitch the chromsomes'
> question: deal with any problems or anomalies, removing any
> life-limiting conditions and defects. Take away the heart defects,
> Alzheimers, the myriad of tragic syndromes that make life so difficult.
> Cleanse away whatever you feel will impact badly on your child's life.
> But don't add anything. Don't build in musical ability, don't change
> intelligence, don't add specific talents. Take away the impediments
> so that the real, natural spirit and strengths can shine. I think that would
> be the line for me.
> --
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