[LMB] October 5 Birthday Tixie!

M. Haller Yamada thefabmadamem at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 5 04:33:44 BST 2019

Tora Smulders-Srivasan, our resident genetics researcher, 
added a lot to our understanding of the topic when she was 
active on the list, and I believe she comes back to visit from 
time to time. You can go visit her thoughts in the archives, 
if you are interested, but today? Today is her birthday, so 
here’s wishing her a very lovely day with all the good things! 


Your poem today is a quartet of couplets. Think Oscar Wilde. 
Oh, no, no. Don’t think Oscar Wilde! That’s aiming far too 
high! No, think Birch Clearlake, a Farmer with great skill as 
a glass artisan, and great enthusiasm for the poetic form. They 
bring us a lovely Farmer’s anti-romance and beg us to tell all 
and sundry that they are looking for a jug band to provide 
some music for it. 


Pretty girls ol’ Sonny Backfield would ogle.
His heart was just a big blight bogle. 

Until he met his match with Hemerocallis,
Whose love was like a bat-girl malice.

Ol’ Sonny would try to suck her dry,
And Hemmy’s jealous rages would fly.

And when Hemmy tried to drain his ground,
Ol’ Sonny’s mudmen would swing her ‘round. 

 Balance to balance, day to day,
There’s a match for everyone, or so they say.  

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