[LMB] No lefties in the Nexus

Gwynne Powell gwynnepowell at hotmail.com
Sat Oct 5 07:08:42 BST 2019

From: Damien Sullivan <phoenix at mindstalk.net>

A top-down government maybe, but Miles calls the ghem "practicing social
Darwinists".  We know nothing about the below-ghem "servitor castes"
(Giaja's words, maybe he used class instead of caste.)  Maybe they're
free to tweak their genes as they see fit.  Maybe they get consultation
from haut-ladies outside the Star Creche through suitable business
cut-outs.  Maybe there are citizens tweaking their genes and ranks of
designed and cloned azi servants.
-xx- Damien X-)

Gwynne: Miles isn't always the most accurate or objective of observers.
And you could say that Barrayar also practices genetic selection; for
six centuries they tried to eliminate anyone with obvious genetic
problems. Wasn't totally effective, and the environment kept on throwing
out more problems. But the intention was there. Just not the technology.
But still, I'd be surprised if the lower Cetagandan classes weren't gene-
altered to the max. I have a vague idea that cloning might be involved,
from a passing comment I can't find again. I could see the Haut and Ghem
turning out batches of slave labour. And probably Jeevesing the poor sods
to the eyeballs to keep them docile and task-oriented.

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