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No, evolution doesn't work in a linear fashion by killing off the weak branches. Evolution works by killing off or inhibiting the breeding ability of any genome not adapted to the conditions prevailing at the time. So when things change drastically, those who were perfectly adapted to the old order die off, and those oddball mutants on the fringes thrive.

Those old-fashioned "ape-to-Englishman" evolutionary diagrams so often seen satirized in the last picture, (hunched-over cyclists, oblivious phone addicts) simply assumed facts not in evidence.
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> What's your basis for thinking that random genetic variability will be better for tomorrow than an intentional effort to anticipate tomorrow?
> I mean, evolution works by killing off the weak branches, no?

I’m looking at some of our crops that have eliminated variability and are vulnerable to new attacks.   Having more branches can be beneficial.

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