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Another stray thought (My thoughts stray a lot): 
We're not arguing if, but now much. 
In other words, most of us on the board have at least one medical 
condition, inherited or acquired, that we'd rather do without. 
And we deal with it/them. We take meds, we have physiotherapy, 
we get surgery, and whatever else it takes. We accept that these 
conditions need treatment to make our lives easier. Or, in some 
cases, possible. 
So if we're prepared to get help through our lives, why not get it 
at the beginning and save a lot of time and suffering? 
Yes, as an adult we can give our own consent, or not. But parents 
are allowed to get medical help for their children; it's a legal 
requirement. They can be charged if they neglect their children by 
not getting appropriate medical care. It could easily be argued that, 
when the technology is available, that responsibility for care would 
extend to the very beginning. 

Shades of Gattaca, there.  And quite terrifying to anyone who pays much attention to the kinds of things many parents do to/with their kids to make them "better" or "help" them, both now and historically.  Even if you somehow only let people make changes when they have genuinely good intentions, well, people with genuinely good intentions have ROYALLY screwed their children up/over.

Sure, we now have better scientific research than we did in the past ... and we still have yahoos who believe vaccines are dangerous.

So, okay, say we have government regulations and laws to decide what/how much genetic editing can be done.  Who makes the laws, and how are they enforced?  If it's a decent government, they might be good laws fairly enforced, or they might end up screwy.  A bad government ... yikes.

I really, really, REALLY would not want to be a Cetagandan of any class.

Beatrice Otter

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