[LMB] We've been discussing gene engineering on people...

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Mon Oct 7 14:01:21 BST 2019

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>Harvey:  But you cannot change just one thing. Natural selection had done pretty
>damned well over the last N thousand years.
>LMB:  Speak for yourself, says every woman ever.
>A possibly useful test question might be, if one had the genetic engineering capacities, would one elect to _insert_ the [whatever genetic condition is being debated] into one's embryonic child?
>If the answer is "No!" the prior question seems also answered.
>Ta, L.
I repeat, we cannot change just one thing. What else are you removing 
when you extract [whatever genetic condition is being debated]? It's a 
gigantic crap-shoot where you have no idea of the odds or even the 
number of sides on the dice. Posit the case that you could change a 
single thing AND knew exactly what to change, then yes perhaps. But 
until then, I say go with history.


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