[LMB] October 8 Birthday Tixie

M. Haller Yamada thefabmadamem at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 8 12:41:47 BST 2019

Today, we celebrate the birthday of Francis Turner 
with a little Betan Free Verse from an anonymous 
member of the Dendarii Free Mercenary Fleet. He, 
she or it did not want to be identified, and went to 
the trouble of submitting the poem through two 
layers of cryptics, and the final delivery was by fax 
to the Bujoldian Free Poets Society. I did not even 
know we had a fax machine, that’s how cryptic it was. 
Francis, here’s hoping your day was wonderful (if you 
are in Japan) or will be fill of good things if you are on 
the other side of the world. 


O Captain, my Captain. 

Some of us are able to go home again, anyway. 
While we wander through the blinking wonders of wormholes and planetary edges, 
you have returned to a home. 

Your gray suits are stuffed in some closet or trunk, 
maybe stinking of mothballs, 
maybe shielded by the best force fields money can buy. 
Our gray suits, the ones you set in motion, 
patrol the hallways, 
or sit in ergonomic chairs on the flight deck, 
no longer following you, 
but still following patterns that you carved into time and space. 

Would I go home? 
Home is far away, and 20 years ago, when I was a naïve recruit. 
When I go back, it’s not home, 
but a slightly strange land, familiar in the outlines, 
but crowded by gray, misty shores of something new. 

Oh Admiral, my Admiral.

 Is home what you thought it would be? 
Do you carve patterns for new underlings 
to follow in your new land, the old land that was? 
Our gray suits, stinking though they may be, 
but protected by the best force fields that money can buy, 
move through space and time too. 


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