[LMB] No lefties in the Nexus

Matthew George matt.msg at gmail.com
Tue Oct 8 21:11:44 BST 2019

Arguing about a purely fictional culture and gene pool is folly, and only a
fool would attempt it.  Now, to argue:

There are likely excellent reasons a pure haut culture wouldn't thrive.  I
strongly suspect that the haut have had their genetic propensities for
ambition turned up, so that their innate potential can be more easily
evaluated.  Even baseline humans are intensely concerned with status, and
if a whole lot of equally talented and highly ambitious people are forced
to take positions and jobs that (for complex psychological reasons) are
inherently low-status, there's going to be trouble in a big way.

The current focus of the haut genetic designers is probably creating humans
that desire to fulfill certain roles.  At present they seem to be able to
create talents, but not 'callings'.  So the haut have to be encultured into
viewing various behaviors and practices as desirable, and they can't just
gestate a perfume designer at will.  If they could learn to engineering
inherent motivations, they could produce children that not only wanted to
be engineers or artists or janitors, but wouldn't want to do anything else
- predictably.  There would be no concerns about a general or governor
trying to usurp the empire, because the generals and governors wouldn't
even comprehend why they would want to leave the positions they're in for
any other.

That sort of preference-engineering - cultural, rather than genetic - was a
big part of Brave New World, remember.  As was ensuring a compliant and
controllable work force through carefully stunting the lower orders.

Matt G.

On Sat, Oct 5, 2019 at 7:59 AM H. Torrance Griffin <htgriffin at yahoo.com>

>  Stop.  Point of order.
> A 'pure' Haut population is not dependent on the 'servitor' races due to
> anything but inertia and tradition.  Even if the work in question cannot be
> mechanized what is keeping the likes of Rian from reading a manual, pulling
> on gloves, and doing the job herself save for snobbery and perhaps
> engineering requirements for any hair-nets?
> So no, the need to keep a lesser population to do scut work about is not
> cause to restrict or disallow genetic enhancements.

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