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> Those old-fashioned ?ape-to-Englishman" evolutionary diagrams so often seen satirized in the last picture, (hunched-over cyclists, oblivious phone addicts) simply assumed facts not in evidence.the

A father?s friend showed us a chart showing the descent of Queen Elizabeth or Victoria, I forget which from Adam and Eve.

Gwynne: 'The Seven Daughters of Eve' is a fascinating book. They tracked mutations
over time in mitochondrial DNA, and (I've forgotten the details and can't find the book
right now) they were able to track populations connected through the female line. They
could track humanity back through seven nexus points - the oldest seemed to be the
precursor of all (they explained that better.)  Naturally they named this prime point as Eve.
Basically, yes, we all share a common female ancestor, way way back. Of course, if you go
back that far we have a gazillion ancestors. But this was an unbroken female line.

There was a lot of pushback from the scientific community, because the evidence it gave of
large migrations at certain times was in conflict with some popular theories at the time -
pushed by certain Big Figures in that end of the sciences. And a theory doesn't count
until it's published in certain journals, and those figures controlled access to those journals...
Someone whose whole career and academic reputation depends on their big theory will
not be happy that someone from a different field has rocked in and disproved them.
But references to this work still pop up now and then. Mitochondrial DNA of course follows
the female line. Someone was trying to do the same with the Y chromosome but I've
never heard how it went.

(Side note: I've heard of other scientists with valid, proven work that wasn't permitted to
be reported in the right journals. There was a big problem with linguistics; someone did
some amazing work that proved certain links and developments, but the one Big Man in
that arena worked very hard to block reporting, pull the funding, discredit the researchers;
anything to preserve his own status.)

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