[LMB] Genetic engineering

Doug Weinfield douglasw at his.com
Fri Oct 11 05:01:09 BST 2019

“Their quality of life is determined largely by what supports they receive for their condition.”

“Supports” is trying to do too much in that sentence. Until we’re in a society of unlimited abundance, there will be trade offs. The money spent on supports could go to other social goods, ranging from research to the arts. 

And I have my doubts about the “only if they want to do it to themselves” criterion. There are many, many things that people choose for themselves that impose disproportionate costs on others, and some of these are deemed crimes and banned by law.  For instance, if there were genetic engineering that could eliminate sociopaths and psychopaths, with no other change, it might make sense to make that mandatory. Society might decide that the benefits are well worth the costs. 

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