[LMB] We've been discussing gene engineering on people...

Sylvia McIvers sylviamcivers at gmail.com
Fri Oct 11 17:31:55 BST 2019

> Gwynne: A friend had a son diagnosed with ADHD at around age 9.

My kid, 3rd grade: Mom, where did all the other kids learn how to sit still?
My dad, when I was around age 6-7:  I'll give you a candy bar if you can
sit still for 30 seconds.
*no candy bar for me. But I was so motivated!*

who was diagnosed as a child as having "no zitz-fleish", AKA "no ability to
sit".  Also known as "the kid is not behaving."
ADHD sounds _so much better_, it means the kid is not deliberately being a
bad kid.

Medication is wonderful. I was afraid Kid would "flatten out" his
personality but he still made all the puns.

 A few months later I asked him what he
> thought about all that. He said he'd never been happier: for the first
> time he had friends at school. He'd learned to read and not only caught
> up with the class; he was in one of the top groups. He enjoyed school.
> .... It'd make you cry to see how much he enjoyed the
> simplest activities, the things most people take for granted. He wasn't
> in trouble all the time any more.
Yes to all this.   My kid: Hey, people aren't mad at me for "acting out"
around them all the time, because - hey, I'm not doing it anymore!  So
weird. People like me.

Also yes to ADHD kids being all kinds of smart, if only they could stop


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