[LMB] OT: Language drift (was Re: Milkweed and mutations)

Parish, James jparish at siue.edu
Fri Oct 11 22:22:21 BST 2019

Fred Smith wrote <snippage>:
> I certainly remember small-town drug stores with a soda fountain!
> My guess is it was an early form of what has now gone to a very far
> extreme, wherein 90% of the inventory in a drug store has NOTHING
> to do with drugs or medicines.

I remember, in the mid-80s, going to a math convention in a small city 
in Maine. One of my friends

needed more paper, and went to a drug store to buy a notebook. After he 
named several possibilities to

the clerk, each of which was unavailable, the clerk finally blurted, 
"This is a *drug store*. We sell *drugs*."

My friend was both startled and amused.

Jim Parish

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