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> The "working as a soda jerk in a drug store" thing seemed a bit weird to
> me, Canadian in my mid-50s, when I read that book when I was around 12.
> But I could reconcile it with my impressions of 1950s small-town USA
> from things like the TV show "Happy Days".

Exactly.  About the same time "Have Spacesuit, Will Travel" came out, in
the late 1950s, my older brother was working as a soda jerk (among other
fairly menial tasks) at our local drugstore. The store also sold
paperbacks, magazines, and comic books (sometimes he would bring some of
the latter home for his voracious sisters), and of course our family got
our prescriptions filled there. We'd have some treat or other at the
counter now and then, too, and later I would use the pay-phone (another
item now rare in everyday US life; almost everyone carries their phone in
their pocket now!).

After high-school my brother went into the Navy and became a hospital
corpsman (the US Navy equivalent to medic) -- this was just before the US
got deep into the Viet Nam war, so he never even got overseas -- planning
to become a pharmacist himself. But, but once he got out of the Navy and
into college, he didn't do as well with the chemistry part as he wanted to,
and ended up studying business instead.

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