[LMB] Milkweed and mutations

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Sat Oct 12 12:46:20 BST 2019

On Sat, Oct 12, 2019 at 1:54 AM Gwynne Powell <gwynnepowell at hotmail.com>

> From: Brian Ross Ashley <brashley46 at gmail.com>
> So according to family lore Mom was behind the candy counter, effectively
> a soda-jerk, at a drug store in Fort Myers when she met my Dad in 1942. (He
> was training to be a tailgunner in the USAAF tactical bomber, the B26.)
> Soda fountains, candy counters, etc., were a thing in Walgreens in the
> small-town South.
> These days you have to find a Dairy Queen or similar.
> Gwynne: I'll have to put Dairy Queen on my list of 'stuff to do next time
> I'm in the US'. I've been to Walmart a few times, oh it was glorious! Never
> seen a firefly yet, that's on the list too.

For fireflies, you want east coast or midwest (which means east of
Mississippi) in late June or July.

If you want to fill out the fun critters card, show up on the east coast
near Washington DC next summer - the 15 year cicadas will be all over as
well. (And I'd be willing to show you around a bit)

Karen Hunt

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