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Oh, yes. The idea that virtues always have two opposites - too much and too little - is really a good rule of thumb, and no more so than the example you just gave, "There is cowardice, there is courage, and then there is foolhardiness."

It's even true in love as well as in war. There is cold-heartedness, true love, and then the kind of doting where you lose your common sense over your beloved(see any tabloid or gossip column!)
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With empathy, I incline strongly to the Greek maxim of "nothing in
excess."  Going too far in one direction or the other produces bad
results.  George McClellan was, according to Robert E. Lee, the most
skilful of the Union commanders Lee had faced...but he'd pretty much
created the Army of the Potomac, and came to love it so much he couldn't
bear to risk it in battle.  Which was part of why he was eventually deposed
as commander of that army.

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> Howard Brazee <howard at brazee.net> wrote:
> > But sociopaths and psychopaths have been shown to be useful, and run
> > lots of businesses and governments.   They can even have advantages
> > in jobs like surgery.
> I am *extremely* resistant to the idea that it is good for a surgeon to
> have such traits.  A good surgeon has to be able to do the cutting, yes,
> but must also have a strong desire to do as little damage as possible.
> Any doctor who lacks empathy with their patients is a bad doctor.
> A doctor who doesn't pay attention to the details of what their patients
> say and do is a bad doctor.
> Joel
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