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Sat Oct 12 14:42:51 BST 2019

From: Richard Molpus <rgmolpus at flash.net>

 Lenin, Stalin, Mao (and others of that political clan) ignored the Law to create their terror - the Consitiution of the USSR was one of the most comprehensive documents ever written; Lenin and Stalin both ignored it to order imprisonment and executions.
Hitlers' tribe of smiling maniacs _did_ try to obey the Law; they held a conference (the Wansee Conference) to create a legal structure that would authorize the seizing of property and authorizing execution of the political enemies of the Reich. That makes them Lawful Evil - 'We may kill people wantonly, but we've got a law to allow it!"

Gwynne: The truly terrifying, and sad, thing is that none of these people
saw themselves as evil. They didn't wake up one morning and decide to
cause widespread misery just to enjoy it. They all thought that they were
right, and what they did was necessary, or even good. Most of them fell
into the worst excesses step by small step, without planning to go that far.
Mostly they kept thinking, 'If we can just sort out this problem, this group,
this situation, then after that we won't have to keep on doing this, it'll all
settle down and things will be fine. This isn't forever, it's just solving one
problem.' But there was always another problem, another reason to go
even further.

I wonder if any of them ever had a moment when they looked back and
realised what they'd done, and what they'd become.

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