[LMB] Milkweed and mutations

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>Gwynne: I'll have to put Dairy Queen on my list of 'stuff to do next time
>I'm in the US'. I've been to Walmart a few times, oh it was glorious! Never
>seen a firefly yet, that's on the list too.

I grew up in Brooklyn (New York), and on my corner (Caton Avenue and St. 
Paul's Place) there was a subway station at one end of the Church Avenue 
station on the Brighton Line. In the station building there was a 
newsstand and a drug store. The drug store had three parts mashed in it 
under separate managements; a pharmacist, a notions and tobacco store, 
and a lunch counter. The lunch counter had fountain service. At the 
other end of the station (Church Avenue and East 18th Street) the 
station building had two wet candy stores (one each side of the entrance 
to gather traffic from each direction). A wet candy store was 
essentially a newsstand with a fountain. A dry candy store generally 
just sold newspapers, magazines, and candy. Completely changed now (75 
years later). The Caton Avenue building now just has the subway entrance 
and a bodega (that's another magic name). The building at the Church 
Avenue end has been completely rebuilt and has no stores.


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