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> Luke:
>> And to step back to corporations, what's important for a corporation
>> is that it provides a service to society and a decent living for its
>> workers. That's it. Profit targets mean nothing unless you're Mr.
>> Moneybags the large-scale shareholder.
Jelbelser: I take it that you do not participate in any stock-holding retirement account.
> A service to society, a decent living for its employees, AND a reasonable return to investors, or the company won’t exist.
> Janet in TN

PG&E, bane of most of California.

No other utility in the US “proactively” shuts of power to millions of customers to CYA that they won’t maintain their equipment, underground power lines, or take responsibility financially and otherwise.

My power didn’t go off, and I’m grateful I didn’t have a medical or commercial need for its presence. Not everyone can afford backup generators.

Conditions they cited for the shutdown did not occur in the GBA below Napa and Sonoma counties.

They’re in Chapter 11 bankruptcy, not for the first time. Instead of doing anything real to prevent more explosions and wildfires caused by their neglect, many millions of dollars are being given in bonuses to shirking executives.

I believe the shareholders are happy: fiduciary duty to them outweighs, by law I am told, their duties to customers and the communities they ‘serve’. Said laws need rewriting. Said culture needs rewiring.

And don’t get me started on Nestlé, Monsanto/DuPont/Bayer, it won’t be pretty.

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